Player Account Help

The UnleagueSports player account allows you to join pickup games or contact goalies for games. Making adjustments to your account starts by clicking the gear icon beside your username. A drop down menu will open showing you the following options.

Update Account Info
Email address, password, contact options etc.
Update Bio Info
Height, weight, player position, number etc.
Manage Bio Photo
Change and upload bio pics.
Check Approval Status.
Needed only after submitting a request
Enter Special Code
Given to you by a contract owner, automatically sets access rights for that time.

Check out these pages for more details

Approval Status Page

A contract owner may require a player to Request Approval before signing up. The Approval Status page shows you all submitted requests, to which contract owner, and the current status. Only contract owners can change your approval status. UnleagueSports...

Player Account Details

The UnleagueSports player account is the base account and everyone has access to these adjustments. The first section, Account Information, lets you set the basic account information which includes these items. Name: This is your name and is displayed...

Player Bio Details

The player bio information is just for fun. Think of it as your personal hockey card. You will see some of these facts on the time page and on your profile page. The following are asked for on the player bio page but none are mandatory. Date of Birth...

Profile Photo Management

Adding and maintaining a player or goalie profile* picture is done on the same page. You can upload multiple photos and keep them in your profile picture library. A separate picture can be displayed for your player account and goalie account. To add...

Special Code Details

When getting invited to play with a new group, you might be give a special code. This single use code automatically authorizes you to play with the group. If you get the code in an email it will also have a link. Players new to UnleagueSports will...