Goalie Account Options

To maintain an UnleagueSports goalie account, the system needs additional information. The following items can be set on the goalie account information page.

  • City and Province: This is where you live and play. Future enhancements will allow you to choose where you will play.
  • Phone Number – OK to Text: The number you can be reached at for an invitation. Check the OK to Text box if you want a text at that number.
  • Best Contact Method: Choose phone, email or text and the system highlights that option.
  • Skill Level: Set this level yourself with one of the following options:
    • Just Learning. – this is a beginner
    • Better than a Pylon.
    • Will keep you in the game. – average skill level
    • This guy is good, eh?
    • Anyone know where he played? – shutouts are expected
  • Comments: This is included in the search results and on your goalie page. What you say is up to you.
  • Search Inclusion: Check this box to be excluded from the goalie page.
  • Renumeration: Set this option if you expect payment to play.
  • Status: Set your status or delete your account. Get more details about the status settings here

Keeping this information current will avoid unnecessary contact from contract owners. If you need to update your email address, it can be updated on the UnleagueSports account page.

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