Player Account Details

The UnleagueSports player account is the base account and everyone has access to these adjustments.

The first section, Account Information, lets you set the basic account information which includes these items.

  • Name: This is your name and is displayed in different places on the site.
  • Phone Number: Used by owners to contact you. Check the OK to Text box if that number accepts text messages.
  • Email Address: Only owners you have signed up with have access.
  • Password: Sets your password.
  • Password Hint: Should give only you a reminder about your password.

The second section, Notification Options, lets you set the way UnleagueSports and contract owners contact you. We are fully SPAM compliant so only the System Notification Option has to be completed as the other areas are opt-in. Here is a summary of those sections:

  • Required System Notification: Checking an option here is mandatory. These messages are necessary for your account operation and must be accepted.
  • Stay Connected with UnleagueSports: These four items are opt-in.
    • Newsletter: Frequency: Occasionally – Delivered Sunday morning
    • Notify me of Upgrades and Improvements: Frequency: Occasionally – Delivered as necessary (max 2 per week)
    • New Blog Post: Frequency: Varies – Sent when a new blog post is published.
    • Player Movement: Track player additions and removals for times you are Active or Waiting Frequency: Varies – Sent any time there is player movement
  • Sign Up for Special Deals: We talk with the local sports stores often. Sometimes they offer killer deals for our members. Click any merchant that you wish to see offers from.
  • Best Contact Method for Owners: Only contract owners where you have played are given access to your information. In this section, you can pick a default best contact method and request to each different owner how to contact you.

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