Getting an account

Setting up an UnleagueSports account gives you access to the system. It’s super easy. All you need are these things:

  • Username: This is used through the system and is shown when claiming an open spot.
  • Email: We are SPAM compliant. You will get system messages at this address.
  • Password: Make it secure and unique.
  • Reminder: A short message that will help you remember your password.
  • You must also agree to the Terms and Conditions before continuing.

If your contract owner has supplied a unique code, you can also enter that. The code will automatically set your status for that owner. It is not required.

You now have an UnleagueSports account. You can now sign up for games, manage your account and set your account photo.

Check out these pages for more details

New Goalie Accounts

An UnleagueSports goalie account is an extension of the player account. Once you have a player account, go to the Goalies page. That page will invite you to sign up if you are a goalie. After clicking the link, you will be guided through a two step...

New Owner Accounts

An UnleagueSports owner account is an extension of the player account. Currently, all new owner accounts are approved and created by UnleagueSports. Check the FAQ's for general account information . Owners can also check out package options on this...