About UnleagueSports.com

“I’ve always played on Thursday night”

That’s something you will hear one of our founders say when talking about pickup or shinney hockey. He’s been lucky. For the past 25 years, he has played for the same group at the same time. Not all people that want to play are that fortunate.

In 2007, the number of players coming out each week was fluctuating. Most weeks the contract owner covered costs but sometimes too few players showed up to even make a game. This attendance problem was starting to effect the moral and financial well being of the contract owner.

After kicking around the problem, Mike O’Krongli programmed a signup system.
LondonPickupHockey.com was built to allowed players to reserve a spot on Thursday evening. The system worked so well that soon 20 guys were coming out every week, which improved the game and left the contract owner financially secure. Additional improvements like a waiting list, stats package and player bio area were added.

UnLeagueSports.com is a commercial version of software designed for that Thursday night group.

Now contract owners can easily manage their ice time and maximize turnout. All with less effort and more security.

Initially, UnLeagueSports.com will concentrate on hockey but future plans include opening the system up to every sport.

Because everyone wants to play!