Game Time List Help

All game times on the UnleagueSports system are offered by contract owners. Each owner has many options that either block or restrict player signups. All questions regarding individual signup limitations should be directed to the contract owner.

Players can attempt to join a game by clicking “Add to this Time” on the game page. One or more of the following owner options may deny your signup.

  • Waiver: Once each contract a player has to read and agree to the waiver.
  • New Player Restrict: An owner may require you to be approved before you can sign up. Send the owner a short message if a form is presented.
  • Regulars: When evoked, this option limits how soon before game time you can sign up.
  • Block Player: Owners can completely block a player.

If a game time is full, a waiting list is provided. First player on the list automatically gets the first spot available. A notice is sent to the player but it may not arrive. It’s the players responsibility to check the site to avoid possible no-charge fees.

Players may also remove their name from the list. Owners set the number of hours before game time players can cancel.

Check out these pages for more details

Inviting a Guest

A player may choose to invite a guest to a game and assume responsibility for them. Contract owners decide when guests can be added to the game time. If Regulars is turned on, it's typically after the Alumni but before the Talent game time restrictions....

Player Request Approval Help

If set by the contract owner, new players must send a note and request approval before signing up. After clicking the Add to the List link, an Approval Request page will be shown. Send a quick note to introduce yourself. Mention if you know players...

Removing Your Name

Removing your name from a game list is easy too! Scroll to the bottom of list and click the "Remove my Name" link. A confirmation box will appear to verify the removal request. If the link is not found, it is too close to game time to remove your name. The...

Time Based Signup Restrictions

The time based restrictions owners can set are also referred to as Regulars. If turned on, owners can assign one of three levels to players. Regular: No time restrictions. Player can sign up at any time. Alumni: Typically no signups until seven...

Waiting List Help

When the game list is full, a waiting list is available. The same game time restrictions apply to joining the waiting list. If approved, you are added to the end of the list. First player on the list automatically gets the first spot available. A...

Waiver Page Help

The waiver page is optional for contract owners. Owners can choose a default message or supply their own. If enabled, the player must agree to the terms by checking the box and clicking submit before attempting to join the group. If you do not agree...