UnleagueSports Player Account Information

It all starts with a FREE player account.

Get an account here. It takes less than 60 seconds and it’s active immediately. For those of you who need more information, here is the whole story.

UnleagueSports respects your time and privacy. The new account form collects only the required information to operate the account. This gets you in the game quicker. It also leaves many things in a default state. Things like an account picture, bio information, contact filters and security can all be changed at your convenience. Full instructions for changing these options can be found in the Player Account Help pages.

It’s important to remember that games listed on UnleagueSports are not run by us. UnleagueSports creates the content management software contract owners use to organize seasonal contracts. The software has many features and empowers owners to set signup limitations. These limitations from a player perspective are discussed in detail on the Game Time List help page.

By design, UnleagueSports creates a player “pool” for each group. This design allows owners to operate more than one game time per week and keep each separate. When you add your name to a game, you are automatically added to the groups player pool. To ensure privacy, contract owners can contact players in their pools but not other UnleagueSports members. And to comply with current SPAM regulations, players can set the contact preferences for each pool they belong on the account maintenance page.

If you have any further questions, please review the Player FAQ‘s. You may also view the help page for setting up the player account for additional instructions.

Are you a goalie and want an account?

Goalies are players too! Again, It all starts with a FREE player account. When done, go to the Goalie List page. Check the top of the page for a New Goalie Profile link. The Goalie List FAQ and the New Goalie Account help page have additional information for goalies.