Zen of UnleagueSports

Software designed to succeed with less effort

Successful pickup games don’t just happen. Without considerable effort from the contract owner, attendance issues will occur.

Owners that use the UnleagueSports system reduce administration time while stabilizing attendance. No more calls, texts, or emails to fill empty spots. Now players can check the game list for open spots and, if authorized, join the game.

UnleagueSports allows owners to leverage the power of their existing group. Owners often hear “My buddy wanted to play tonight” way too late. The online list empowers players to invite that friend and fill the empty spot. The guys you consider “spares” can now be proactive and claim that empty spot early.

Sometimes owners will still have open spots after exhausting their player pool. That’s when the UnleagueSports player community helps out. The game times list always includes the number of open spots for each game. Players check that list regularly and will join your game.

For more details, you can read the Owner FAQ’s. Owner membership information can be found here.