Why should I use UnleagueSports.com?

Our advanced software allows you to easily manage your pickup times. Most importantly, it manages attendance seamlessly. No more surprises when you arrive at the arena and no worries about covering the costs.

I don’t want just anyone showing up to play

UnLeagueSports.com has many features to control who can sign up, all of which are adjustable. New players can be blocked or limited, depending on your requirements. Contract owners can also limit existing player signups and outright block access.

Sometimes players pay up front or miss a week, can you track this?

Yes. UnLeaguesSports.com has a financial package. Mark players as “Paid for the Season” or add the weekly amounts to the system. Players who view their spots will be reminded they have an outstanding balance.

How can I contact players that have played for me?

The system allows you to email players that have played on your contract. You can individually email a player or choose one of three bulk email options. Email the players for a specific night, players who have played on the current contract and anyone who has played for you before at that time.

In the past I have kept a paper copy of player information, how can I get a copy of my player data?

You can request a copy of your player data at anytime on the website. Also, weekly or monthly backup reports get emailed to the contract owner.

I have two pickup hockey times I run. Do I need a separate account for both?

No. The system is smart enough to your isolate your different times. A separate contract fee is charged for each ice time.

How much does it cost?

Packages start as low as $59.99 per 6 month contract. Compare package options available to contract owners.

Interested in an Owners Account? Have other questions? Email Mike.

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