I need a goalie, how does this work?

You can search our goalie list anytime, but you have to be signed in to contact them. Filter by day, time, and skill to find the best matches. If you need an account get it on the UnleagueSports.com sign up page.

Can I get my name on the goalie list?

Yes. The first thing you need is a username. Go to the Sign Up page if you need one. After you are logged into the system, just click the Goalies link in the navigation bar. Use the link on that page to create a goalie profile. After it’s created, you will be included on the goalie list.

I marked that I like to play like a pro and get paid. How do I get my money?

UnleagueSports.com does not and will not become involved with any exchange of money between parties. It is the responsibility of the goalie and the contract owner to come to agreeable terms.

I don’t see my name in the search results, why?

If your status is not set to Ready to Play, your name will not be included in any search results on the system. Also, if you have chosen to exclude yourself from the results, you will not be found. Another possibility could be that you have checked yourself Not Available for that time.

I have my profile set so I am not included in the search results. Why would I keep my profile up to date?

Contract owners can add your id to their personal list. If attached, the contract owner can use your goalie profile information to contact you and see times you are available.

How can I get get noticed the most?

The best way to move up the results is to ensure that you have preferred times checked. You should also have an interesting photo and comments that get attention. UnleagueSports.com uses an advanced algorithm when returning results. Factors include things like tracking the number of times you are included in the search results and emailed.

I am going away, can I suspend my account

You can archive the account to hide all information while you are gone, including attached owners. A better option is to set your status to Away. When you do, you get a secondary screen to set your return date. UnleagueSports.com can either automatically return your status to Active on the return date, email you reminders to do so, or do nothing about your status.

I got hurt and I can’t play, do you have an Injured status?

Yes. When you set your status to Injured, you get a secondary page that asks for your projected return date. We can either set your account to Active on that date, email you a reminder to change your status, or leave the status as Injured.

Other questions can be answered by our UnleagueSports.com Sales team

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